November 14th, 2008
Written by Amanda Spence

The state of economy is on the tip of everyone’s tongue now days.  You can’t turn on the news or go to work without hearing more doom and gloom in regard to the down fall of the US Economy.

Obviously every American is being affected. Most US businesses are making changes or downsizing due to the current situation. Yet, as these changes occur, there is glimmering ray of hope for one small business with a unique process. It seems for them the economy is actually helping their sales, drawing clients away from their higher priced surgical competition.

Evolution Hair Centers is an Arizona based hair loss treatment company who is pioneering a unique new laser program. The company, named after William Gaunitz the founder and hair loss expert, has developed a combination of proven hair loss treatments that has a consistent track record of naturally stimulating new hair growth. Using new FDA approved technology from Europe in a nine month program, Evolution Hair Centers is able to revitalize and regrow the shrinking hair follicles caused by male and female pattern baldness. The company has been performing this treatment for six years and has received tremendous attention from the media. Despite all of this, this new process has still not hit the main stream.

To date, the most popular form of hair restoration comes from a surgical procedure called Hair Transplantation. Although hair transplantation is painful and potentially disfiguring (leaving that “doll hair” look), it is considered the only way to produce dramatic balding coverage by the popular medical consensus.  This surgical process is not only risky, but it is also expensive. The average hair transplantation surgery costs the consumer between $6,000 and $15,000 depending on the severity of the individual’s hair loss. This procedure does actually stop hair loss either, but simply covers the balding area with transplanted hair from the back of the scalp.  As time goes by, hair transplant clients will have to go back for additional procedures as the hair around the transplant continues to fall out.

Due to the current state of affairs, hair loss suffers are doing more research then ever into more affordable yet dramatically effective treatment options. This has led many more people to discover Evolution Hair Centers and their promising new laser hair growth program.  This year alone the company’s Paradise Valley location has treated over 200 new clients. Each one of these individuals had a choice of comprehensive treatment programs ranging in price from $2600 to $4995. The average client result was equivalent to one session of hair transplants with less cost, no risk, and no pain.

Evolution Hair Centers’ program has become so popular that the company opened a second location in North Scottsdale in early September. The official Grand Opening is slated for November 18th, 2008. Sponsored by the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, the North Scottsdale clinic is opening with great fan fare.
Evolution Hair Centers and its sister company Gaunitz Hair Sciences will bring this new laser hair loss treatment to more and more communities in 2009 through its franchise and affiliate programs.

In a negative economy the fastest way towards recovery is by looking for the positive. I hope that Gaunitz Hair Growth Centers and companies like them will lead the way to rebuilding our nation’s economy and providing sound jobs in the 21st century.

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Written by Amanda Spence

The Science of Laser Hair Regeneration Revealed