Evolution Hair Centers was the first stand alone natural hair regeneration facility in the US offering the complete 5-step Evolution Elite Hair Regeneration Program.

Evolution Hair Centers are the cutting edge concept for hair regeneration in the U.S. Evolution exclusively specializes in natural hair regrowth only. EHC does not offer surgery or hair systems (toupees), so the only option here is being provided with the tools to grow your hair back naturally. If your hair can not be grown back, you will be declined during the consultation process because you are not a candidate.

The Scottsdale clinic accommodates 300 clients weekly for laser treatments and scalp massages in a medical spa atmosphere. One third of this clinic is dedicated to new product research, development, and testing. This allows all Evolution clients, new and old, continuous new options to keep and regrow their hair, naturally.

Laser Hair Therapy Specialists

The Science of Laser Hair Regeneration Revealed