Laser Hair Regeneration is a relatively new concept. Laser Hair Regeneration, a.k.a Laser Light Therapy or Laser Hair Therapy, has begun to permeate the Hair Loss Treatment Industry. Many companies claim that their version of the treatment will regrow hair, but who is the best? Find the Best Clinics

"History of Laser Light Therapy     

Shortly after the first working laser was invented in 1964, a researcher from Semmelweis University of Budapest named Andre Mester developed a theory that exposure to cold laser light (similar to UV radiation emitted by the sun) may eventually lead to cancer. To test his theory, Mester shaved a group of mice and trapped some of them in a cage with constant cold laser light exposure leaving the other half unexposed as a control group. To his surprise, the light didn’t cause cancer in any of his animal subjects. Instead, mice that were exposed to the laser light therapy grew back their shaved fur much faster than the control group. Mester named his discovery photo-biostimulation. His theory was that somehow, the laser light had stimulated the hair cells into an accelerated state of hair growth.

Laser Therapy as a Hair Loss Treatment

Today, low level laser therapy is being used as a hair loss treatment. To treat baldness with laser light therapy, laser rays are directly applied to the scalp by a mechanical device so that red blood cells are stimulated. Lasers are said to work by converting ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate), releasing energy and causing cellular metabolic changes. During this process, additional nutrients and oxygen are provided to the scalp assisting the normal chemical processes performed by those cells, increasing overall blood circulation. Lasers, when applied to the scalp and hair, have been said to improve overall hair quality, promote hair growth, and increase hair shaft diameter."1

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The Science of Laser Hair Regeneration Revealed